MAXOBULL AIR PODS PRO II are carefully engineered to provide you with a 13mm bass with custom amplifiers offering deep, rich bass along with loud and crisp beats delivering unmatched audio quality. The TWS earbuds offer a massive 45 Hrs combined playtime on a single charge. Type C charging enables blazing-fast charging so that you never miss anything important on the go. A 10-minute charge can provide you with a playtime of up to 500 minutes of playtime. The ear buds are powered by AI-ENC to cut you off from the ambient noise and delve deep into crisp and clear conversations with people. The IPX 4.0 rating ensures an uninterrupted rigorous workout session without breaking apart. DuoPods I2 are designed, engineered and crafted in India. Own the Indian-made and say with pride, MAXOBULL AIR PODS PRO II.



About this item:

  • One earpods multiple modes – Most earpods in the market come with only a standard output option, which may not be suited for every environment. On the other hand, the Air1 earpods allow you to switch between different modes depending on your requirement.
  • Charge your pods in a quick time No need to wait for long hours to charge your earpods. You can quickly charge them in about 30 minutes and conveniently use them for multiple hours. It lasts for about 3 hours when you use it for music and more than when you use it for games or making calls. You can also use the fast charger with these earpods, which can last for an hour after charging it for just 10 minutes.
  • Reconnect easily without hassles As the earpods come with a master-slave switch, you can seamlessly connect with the smartphone or other device as soon as the cover is opened. There is no need to sync the device every time with the earpods, and this makes it convenient for users to make calls or listen to music without any hassles.
  • Excellent touch interface The touch interface allows you to boot the earpods and play and pause music with its touch control interface. You can also seamlessly switch between tracks while listening to music with a simple touch. Apart from that, you can also increase and decrease the volume without using the device; everything is controlled with a touch interface.


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